From $349.00

Our original program built in 2000 and updated for the last fifteen years, TileCreator Classic makes it easy to create mosaics in the method of opus regulatum, or rows and columns. Every design is built upon a grid that lays individual tiles into a specific row and column position, based...

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TileCreator Pro 5

From $549.00

 TileCreatorPro 5 is for creating mosaics in opus regulatum, or rows and columns. Each tile size is fixed and cannot be altered in the same design (i.e. all tiles must be 20mm square). You can create random patterns or do conversions from images, or even work from a blank canvas....

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TileCreator Pro (Andamento)

From $995.00

For advanced designers and mosaic artists, our TileCreatorPro (Andamento) software builds upon TileCreator with added features important to the professional mosaicist, including: - The option to use opus regulatum or opus vermiculatum - or both - in the same design - Fractured tesserae pieces to achieve a more traditional mosaic...

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