TileCreator Pro 5


 TileCreatorPro 5 is for creating mosaics in opus regulatum, or rows and columns. Each tile size is fixed and cannot be altered in the same design (i.e. all tiles must be 20mm square). You can create random patterns or do conversions from images, or even work from a blank canvas.

You choose the design you wish to use, the overall size of the final design, and the type (ceramic, glass or marble) and brand of tile you want. You can also work with a blank canvas, random, gradient, remix gradient, blend or fractal curves to create your unique mosaic tile design with the Design Wizard (below).

With TileCreator Pro 5 comes a robust color editor for altering or enhancing the colors of the original design; an inventory management feature which tracks the tile colors you have in stock and builds designs using those colors first before working from a broad color palette (if you let it). We also include a dozen tile color palettes. You can choose to build new ones with the included PaletteCreator software.

Tile palettes include Bisazza, Trend, Hakatai, JJ Crystal, Opiocolor, and others. Grout palettes are limited to Laticrete SpectraLOCK, the only grout we recommend for mosaic tile installations.

TileCreator runs on all Windows platforms. We recommend 512Mb of RAM and at least 100Mb of space. For the Macintosh, you can run it with Virtual Box and a Windows operating system installed on your Mac.

Purchase options are for a digital download or hardcopy shipped to you. 

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