TileCreator Pro (Andamento)


For advanced designers and mosaic artists, our TileCreatorPro (Andamento) software builds upon TileCreator with added features important to the professional mosaicist, including:

- The option to use opus regulatum or opus vermiculatum - or both - in the same design
- Fractured tesserae pieces to achieve a more traditional mosaic look
- Use square pieces or smalti shapes to design your art
- Robust inventory system which draws from your current inventory before adding new colors to your designs
- LivePreview with slider bar to see the before and after view of a design
- Extensive publishing options to show your designs to staff, customers, and fabrication shops
- Requires a remote installation, provided by us with your purchase, to ensure it is installed correctly.

If you would like to schedule a webex prior to purchasing it, please use the Contact Form to the left of the screen.

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