About Us

TileCreator software was developed in early 2000 by Andrew Simmons. His idea was that an image could be translated to a mosaic tile pattern, turning it into a step-by-step process to create it. His first mosaic was Boticelli's Venus. 

Shortly thereafter, word spread of his tile program and he began selling copies of it. The big debut for the software came at Coverings 2000, a tradeshow for the tile and carpet industry. Told that his software looked interesting, but that the price at $79.95 was too cheap to be any good, he went to the Kinkos store around the corner and developed a flyer touting TileCreatorPro software for $249.95. That next day, TileCreatorPro started selling off the shelves like crazy.

Upon his return from Coverings, he began building the actual version of TileCreatorPro that his early customers had purchased.

Today, 11 years later, TileCreator software is used by more mosaic design professionals worldwide than any other program. From small mosaic designs studios to very big mosaic tile factories in Italy, TileCreator is used in one manner or another - a true testament to the vision of Andrew Simmons. 

TileCreator is headquartered in Seattle, WA.