TileCreator Software Comparison

We produce four versions of our software to work with every skill level of the mosaicist.

TileCreator Basic: An entry level version for someone who wants to get their feet wet making their first mosaic. This version converts images to mosaic tile patterns, providing simple to follow instructions on assembling a completed mosaic design. Limited color correction and tile replacement features. Suggested retail $349

TileCreator Artistic: Create mosaics using the method of opus vermiculatum, where the tiles follow the contour of the image. No tiles is broken, just rotated to follow the lines you set for the mosaic conversion. Tweak your design, adjust color and tiles, and when complete, print a cartoon to follow to put your mosaic together. Please note that only opus vermiculatum can be created with this version. Suggested retail is $149.95.

TileCreatorPro: For more control over our entry level version of TileCreator, our Pro version takes it a step further with an integrated color editor; layers of design to work with; more precise control of your design. Export your finished work in a variety of methods, including PDF, JPG, CSV for assembly or client presentation. Suggested retail is $549

TileCreator Designer: Mix different opus methods in the same design; use broken tile; design with vitreous or smalti; expanded color editor; LivePreview image design; Inventory, where designs use existing inventory of tile first for designs. Includes all features of other versions. Suggested retail is $995. All of our programs work on the PC, or on a Mac using BootCamp and either Parallels or VMWare. The chart below gives a comparison of the three programs. 


Feature TileCreator TC Pro TC Artist
Convert image to pattern YES YES YES
Create design from scratch NO YES YES
Create opus regulatum YES YES NO
Create opus vermiculatum NO NO YES
Color editing tools SOME YES YES
Multiple tile sizes NO YES YES
Create palettes* OPTION YES OPTION
Specify SpectraLock grout YES YES YES
Print patterns LIMITED YES YES
Prints a tile grid YES YES NO
Export to native PDF NO YES YES
Free web support YES YES YES
Tile inventory system NO YES NO
Copy protect patterns NO YES NO
Watermark images NO YES NO
Desktop publishing tools NO YES NO
Multiple cover templates NO YES NO
Customize fonts, sizes, columns NO YES NO
Create pattern websites NO YES NO
Integrate pattern payments NO YES NO
Reduced cost for 2nd license*** YES YES YES
Price $349 $549 $995
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* An optional PaletteCreator program can be purchased for $29.95 that can create custom palettes. This program comes standard with TileCreatorPro.
** Free upgrades are available to Lifetime members who have previously purchased a lifetime subscription for upgrades.
*** Lifetime members are entitled to use TileCreator on a second computer they control at no additional cost. Non life-members can purchase additional licenses for computers in their control (i.e. a laptop and a desktop) at a cost equal to 50% of the retail price.