Kristoffer Zetterstrand

Kristoffer Zetterstrand purchased TileCreator in May 2007 to help with some creative visions he had for mosaic tile art commissions. His first commission, the Bromma gymnasium in Stockholm, was designed using TileCreator Pro software and 20mm tile from Opiocolor (now defunct). He designed and produced nine large mosaics, and installed them on the walls throughout the gymnasium.

"I basically do all the work in Tilecreator Pro in the Color Editor and Designer Editor, painting the image from start to finish with the available tile colors, and copying and pasting design elements back and forth between designs using the design editor," says Kristoffer. The greatest challenge was ensuring the colors he used in TileCreator were not substituted by the Opiocolor factory when they assembled the design. 


The full presentation and visualization can be found at his website